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Mikio Shishido

Representative Director, Kamakura Mindfulness Lab Co., Ltd.


When he was in junior high school and high school, he had asthma and was physically weak.

At university, he was interested in the fusion of the world of consciousness and science, and was involved in research related to quantum mechanics. After working at IBM Japan, he participated in the launch of a human resource development venture company, and while involved in human resource development training and the creation of a global organizational culture at a major company, he learned about the spiritual culture of the East, such as Japan, in the field of organizational development of overseas companies. Touch the current situation that you are paying attention to.

Feeling the importance of moving toward a new era after the Great East Japan Earthquake, he moved to Kamakura in 2012 to produce a place where he can learn the wisdom of Japan from ancient times, which is necessary for the future. start.

Forming a "learning organization" based on the concept that learning is to let go of one's own fixed ideas, and "improving human cognition" by fusing Zen, mindfulness, and the world view of quantum mechanics. Based on this, we develop a new type of corporate organization, human resource development training, and management coaching.

Together with Mr. Koji Miki of enmono in Kamakura, he launched the Zen and mindfulness international forum "Zen 2.0" as co-representative, and has been held every year since 2017 at Kenchoji, a Zen temple in Kamakura.


A yacht that continues for more than 20 years since college. Participated in the 2001 Team Race World Championship. Participated in the seed sports class All Japan Championship for 15 years in a row (highest runner-up) 2019 Participated in the TIWAL CUP held in France for the first time as a Japanese

Representative Director, Kamakura Mindfulness Lab Co., Ltd.

General Incorporated Association  ZEN2.0 Joint Representative Director 
Dean of Faculty of Body and Mind, Kamakura Machino University 
General Incorporated Association  Director of 21st Century Learning Institute 


Born in Niihama, Ehime Prefecture, raised in Yokohama.
Graduated from Azabu High School

Graduated from the Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
After working at IBM Japan Co., Ltd. and Alu Co., Ltd., he became a director of Innocentive Co., Ltd. After that, he established Kamakura Mindfulness Lab Co., Ltd. and assumed the post of CEO.

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