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​ Company Profile



At university, I immersed myself in the world of physics and quantum mechanics because of my interest in discovering the truth that can be seen from the fusion of the possibilities of consciousness and the world of science, and the possibilities of human beings.


And, from the quest to connect the possibility of living essentially as a human being to the workplace of modern corporate society, I was involved in the launch of an education-related venture that provides opportunities for human resource development. While engaging in human resource development training and organization building for various companies such as global companies, I have witnessed a lot of management/organization building and human resource development that makes use of the Japanese oriental philosophy that is spreading in cutting-edge companies overseas. It's the way it is.


In the future, we will not only learn from overseas, but also feel the importance of delivering the essence of Japanese spiritual culture to the world around us. Established at the base, we are currently developing human resource training such as organizational transformation, leadership, and team building by incorporating Zen and mindfulness.

 Aiming to make Japan and the world in harmony with nature, sustainable, and full of possibilities, I would like to contribute from various angles centering on people and organization building. We think.

Company name    Kamakura Mindfulness Lab Co., Ltd.

Established   September 25, 2017

Location   3-18-21 Omachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

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